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We know you love Beeone but you can take it to another level when you Go Plus!

For just £3 a month you’ll join tens of thousands of Go Plus members who qualify for up to 50% off their bills at close to 10,000 restaurants througout the UK and Ireland.

Including all these amazing brands:

You’ll also receive a whopping 10% more Beepointz than other Beeone users do every time you collect Beepointz online.


  • 7,000+ restaurants across the UK.
  • 25% off total bill (including drinks!)
  • 50% off food
  • 2-for-1 meals
  • 12 months membership
  • Up to 40% off cinema tickets
  • Many other exclusive offers
  • Free delivery

GoPlus Special Offer

Price: £99

Annual Membership. RRP: £36.00

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